Royal Jordanian RJ125 Amman – Frankfurt

Aircraft: Airbus A319 Miles: 1,892 Duration: 4hrs45mins

We would like to offer our most sincere thanks to the Management and Crew of Royal Jordanian for showing us true Arabic hospitality during this stage of our ‘roundtheoneworld challenge. We were very impressed by all aspects of the operation, rounded off by excellent service in-flight.

Our Crown Class seats, in a 2×2 configuration on the Airbus A319 aircraft in oneworld livery (!!) were extremely comfortable for the relatively short 4-hour 20 min flight to Frankfurt. Service on board was an excellent trolley style, with a brunch served from a trolley, featuring Arabic and Western choices ranging from labneh and hummus to mushroom omelettes and hash browns. It was all delicious, and nicely presented.



We connected with ease in Frankfurt, and as we had already checked-in online for our AirBerlin onward flight to Frankfurt, we made our way to the gate to await yet another Airbus A319 flight for the short, 269 mile hop up to Germany’s Capital City, Berlin. As per, Frankfurt Airport’s efficiency is welcome and appreciated. More from Berlin!

7 airlines down, five to go!


About rtow2012

Richard and Andrew, aka modern day Phileas Fogg and Passepartout, have accepted a charity challenge to raise at least £20,000 GBP for the Flying Start charity, a part of Comic Relief. Together, we will fly just over 30,000 miles on all of the oneworld airlines, circumnavigating the globe.

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