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October update

Well, just when you thought we’d gone and vanished, you’ll soon be reading a bit more.

Both of us have needed a bit of down time, some work time, some family time and some social time along with a good dose of rest to recover from our challenge. We never thought we could get so tired in just seven days. So thanks for your patience and understanding. Now that we’re back on terra firma (well…ish), we will be writing up some additional notes, stories, and hopefully be able to publish a few more photographs for those of you that are interested.

We are delighted that contributions are still coming in, and that our target has been exceeded. It is terrific news, and once again we thank you all so very, very much for your help and support. Your generosity has been overwhelming!

Additional thanks to all of the ground and cabin crew, lounge staff and gate staff who have been more than helpful and supportive during our odyssey. You really helped us to achieve our goal – and we’ve had a good laugh with many of you along the way, which was a terrific bonus. Thanks to John Bruin at oneworld, and a very special thanks to Louise Wheeller, also at oneworld, for their terrific help and encouragement, photographs and splendid give-aways that were much appreciated throughout the trip.

And final thanks to you, our readers. We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, and we look forward to leaving you with a few final touches in the coming days.